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Post your exams results+Future Studies?

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Explicit topic.

As we are a certain number having exams this summer I'd say post your exam results here, so we can maybe compare (or not), bah ,that's just for the trip.

As I got my BAC exams results I post them here:

Philosophy: 8/20 :V

Maths: 15/20

Economy/Sociology: 7/20

English written: 10/20 (f*ckin teachers, seriously, that's a joke right?)

English oral: 18/20

Spanish oral: 10/20

History/Geography: 11/20

Sport: 12/20 (not really an exam, that's the average of all the sports trimesters averages of the year)

(also, add to this the notes I got last year for the anticipated exams, 8/20 in written french+14/20 in oral+8/20 in sciences+15/20 in Personnal work).

With all those-weird- notes I got the BAC, so basically I can just stop bothering whether I should've get a mention or not (mentions are Very good>Good>Quite Good>No Mention) as I didn't get one.

Next Year I'm going to the UIT (University Institute of Technology) to study programming and stuff.

So yeah, you can tell us where you'll go after your last high school year(or other) :V

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Lemme me search 9th grade certificate... ->

Ok here's my uber certificate (4 worst and 10 best)

Finnish: 8

English: 9 (:o)

Swedish: 7

Maths: 10

Chemistry: 10

Physics: 10

Geography: 8

Biology: 9

Health(?): 10

Religion: 9

History: 8

Civics: 8

Music: 8

Visual Arts: 7

Household (mostly making food): 8

Handicraft: 8

Exercise: 7

Information technology (computers): 10 + scholarship + 50€

Support for student training: Completed with high grade

-> Going to High School (confirmed)

Most subject names were translated with google translator... blame it.

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On a scale from 1 to 6 and 6 is the best

Opposite here in germany :P

Germany is so weird when it comes to that. :lol:

The first year in High school I had to learn how you calculate that stuff,

and I failed very badly...

Anyway, I'm going to a different high school in august because I want music in my exam.

Without music I'm nowhere D:

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I wonder why you don't study Philosophy at all in your schools.

It's sometimes interesting but it's hard to work on.

Like, my exam topic was "Can an historian be a judge?" <<< It has different meanings, and if you choose the wrong one you're dead. You had to understand it like "does the historian has the right to judge historical facts" or something.

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