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We all like maps, dont we? Some people like different maps than others.

But let me give you few examples about maps that nobody likes.

Removal list:

#1 mg_buses_from_hell

Yes, its good for events and such but it sure aint fun elsewhere. Mostly only kids vote it coss the name sounds fun and they want to drive the buses.

#2 mg_bear_attack_hard

Same reason + that it sucks. Have you ever played this map when 25 players on server? I have, and god it is annoying. Boring, you just shoot NPC bears that cant kill you when enough players.

#3 mg_smash_cannons

All you do is run away for 1 minute long.. If there are good T's every CT will die in that minute, if a bit worse, they can still kill coss you have to run all the way up, with a total gay song...

Dnd then you just can kill them with an AWP, whats the fun in that?! after avoiding blocks for a min, and then even longer..to get up to the AWP, oh and the platform are buggy..

I might add new maps to the list, so pay attention.


Adding list:

All these are not suppose to be added separately, but to replace 2 other DR maps.

Map #1, deathrun_trilogy

Used to be in the server, like a year back or so. Good map.

Map #2, deathrun_tp_dissolution

Same as there, used to be in the server a year back, good map. Both of these are better than few current DR maps on my opinion.

Map #3, mg_fun_multimods

There is many multigame maps in the server, but few of them suck. So, this is somehow different, includes different types of modes, not like some maps which contain 10 maps where only difference is the gun you use. Pictures of all modes in here.

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Edit: Didn't see you said there was another for surf

EditEdit: Here's what I said anyway

On the Surf Server get rid of badlands. people just shoot through the glass at the start.

Theres another Map like this, can't remember which.

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I agree... Buses from hell: is just... retarded.. you run away for 2 minutes avoiding buses whats easy, and the..you see the T dieing by laser..oh so fun... its more fun killing them ourselfes.

Bear attack: What you do, killing endless coming bears , kids spamming and screaming to press bear attack (same for buses and smash cannonz) its boring, lame and yeah...

Uhm.. im going to add another map which should be deleted honestly,

I dont know the exact name, but its Smash_cannons: all you do is run away for 1 minute long.. if there are good T's ur all people die in that minute, if a bit worse .. they can still kill cause u have to run all the way up, with a total gay song...and then you...WOW..can kill them with an awp!!! after avoiding blocks for a min, and then even longer..to get up to the AWP, oh and the platform are buggy..

- End of message

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Removed bear attack. It's the only one that needs a removal, in my opinion.

@ TheSecondWave: The jetpack itself didnt work anymore thanks to the update.

Edit: Added new maps, removed a couple too.

Current map list:




























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Hi, maybe it would be fun to add some rats maps? Basically you are a tiny person in a big (i.e. kitchen) these maps are very fun, you have guns so it isn't some fun map where you jump over ropes or something like that. You should definitly consider this as an option!

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