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Hey any GM can ban 1 faker "Black00" i saw him now on the server, i want play but his using my nickname and no im not black and racism just only nickname xD but if any GM can ban him pls ban him lol or just tell him to change his nick and sry for my bad english ^^ oh, im brazilian by the way and i dont talk so much in the serv, he probably argentine

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lol sry for the information but im the real one xD, and his is from japan too... but one thing is different his gta run at 20FPS and he his argentine or spanish i dont known and yea i play mta at green serv more than a half year and i like the serv ^^ but i start playing mta when mta sa come out xD sry for the bad english and information just look at the gc :P

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we dont really ban nick fakers, that's why we have a nick protection service

to protect your nick in-game, you have to be logged in (this means you have to register first if you haven't) and then type /protect . It should say that your nick is now protected and from then on you will have to login each time you visit the server.


to register type /register PASS

to login type /login PASS

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loggin in or creating an account on mr.green mta server is bs. even creating an account, everyone can use ur name, even not being the real one and if u dont know the pass. Just dont login.

its should have been created a system where u have to put ur name and password before racing. that prtects ur name and prevents using other names.

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Retard, please re-read my post..

There is a nick protection service already -.-

All you need to do is create an account, login then type /protect .. Once you've done this, you'll have to login each time you visit the server or else your nick gets changed automatically to something random..

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