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Now i know some of you are really no big fans of the abilities, neither am i.. But many of you like me if they had the points you would buy them... I play scout mostly and i've only found him to have 1 ability which is pretty cruddy.. Perhaps the scout could have another for faster regen rate on his Sandman Ball and his Bonk! Atomic Punch? Could be named 'Scout's Speedy Recovery'? I'll let you discuss between yourselves. But even another fairly decent option for the Scout would be great. Thanks for your time mentlegen.

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I was simply surprised nobody thought of this for the Scout. I hope this suggestion gets put through.. I believe it wouldn't wreck the balance of the game nor would it cause griefing. It's virtually similar to the Dead Ringer and ubercharge regen.. Except they provide more grief than the Bonk and Ball regen would. It's a real thinker i believe.

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It seems there's some good response to it. But yeah i think there is a perfect slot for it. Perhaps an admin can push this to Clavus see what he thinks. Either that or the 'Fast Food' Ability where Heavy and Scouts food items regen quicker and 'Scouts Speed Recovery' Only is The Sandman. Wow i'm so good at name making ^^ (Dont mean to blow my own trumpet or anything :D)

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Or was there upgrade that added more ammo to you already?

There is that already, you spawn with twice as much ammo. Runs out after 30 days though :P

It's maplestory all over again..

Peon, I like the idea of more cosmetic items.

What about item that makes all your victims golden when you kill them with melee?

Or a cosmetic item you could wear with your other items? (shoulder pad with green logo on it or something?)

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