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Report for Exploitin or how its called

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I think Iw.

If it was zs, humans wouldn't be able to get on a roof, unless its zs_lighthouse or zs... Err, the map with office and houses, on zone of which you can get by jumping from truck to props and then through the gate.

Oh, it's possible to get on the roof of many buildings. If it was IW the zombies would also be able to get up.

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There is a map in zs where you can get on a territory, where you can get by climbing with props. The crates also spawn there sometimes. If you destroy the props, you wont have many chances to climb as human. Zombies will be able to, but with prop jumping only.

By the way. Word "Expoliting" is used in IW only.

So I think its iw.

And yes... Could you write who you saw expoliting?

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