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Too long spawnprotection


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I just wanna point out that the spawnprotection for zombies is way too long..

Fuck me, they come with fast and normal zombie and you can't do shit about it. They're very fast and you cannot kill them when the spawnprotection is on..

Please shorten it or remove it completely, it's very unfair towards humans ):



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you could have posted this in the zombie gamemode changes :-< ...:(( .. i agree with you, by the way. Non-Flying zombies (exception : chem) should not have spawn protection removed when 50% infliction is done. Fast zombie, fast headcrab, headcrab and chem zombie should have SP removed after 50%.

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and you guys think its fair that you get killed INSTANTLY when you get seen by humans after spawned? awesome.. srsly fair , like on that 1 map with huuuuge distance to house where humans are . spawnprotection is must , oh wait it doesnt have enough time to REACH the house.. , clavus dont do nothing to it its fair game atm

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Just think the following case : zombie spawn is near a house (raunchier_house/raunchiest house. .whatever :/). Humans try to barricade in the house, but they are eaten by zombies with spawn protection (normal zombies for start). When infliction reaches 50%, human climb to the roof of the house, but they are killed by fast zombies that have spawn protection. Infliction reaches 75%, 3-4 humans remain alive. Chem-zombies with spawn protection rush to the humans, to blow them to pieces. What chance do the humans have to survive this? None.

Ok, now case number 2. Let's say the zombie spawn is further, like in zs_port. Spawn protection will fade, even if zombies have 50% and have unlocked fast zombies. Humans can shoot the zombies, but cannot spawn kill them, because they have protection. If human tries to spawn kill the zombies, he gets killed by fumes or SP Normal Zombies, Chems , etc .

My advice would be to disable spawn protection for chems, fast zombies, fast headcrabs after 50% infliction.

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the thing is , you ppl fail to play as survivors , ive NEVER EVER DIED to someone who was spawn protected = PROTIP DO NOT go near zombie spawns , not even slightest of close . if an spawn protted fast zombie comes to roof E V A D E its so damn simple due hitbox is fudged up -.- stop QQing bout the spawnprot its awesome etc etc

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