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Rieke's Admin Application


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Hey everybody :)

Some of you might know me.

Gameserver: CSS, Surf-Server

Ingame Name: ♪яιєкє♀ (or something like this)

Age: 16

Country of origin: Germany

Link to SteamCommunity profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981622366

Something about myself

Hello everybody :). I'm sorry for my english (I know it isn't perfect). I hope it's understandable and most of the time correct (I hope :-P). Like my name says, I'm female. I go to school and that's why I just can play in the afternoon or in the evening. I love to surf on your server because there are many great people, nice admins, good surf settings and my favorite maps. I just want to say: I know I don't post comments in the forums, but i read every thread and every post/ comment. At the last time, I'm also active in IRC and I love talking with the users there.

In my freetime I dance and play football. I often meet friends and be with my sweet boyfriend :). I can speak three languages quite well: English, French and of course German :D

Why I'm fit to be a admin?

I play everyday on the surf server. I know nearly every User (and I like all of them). Often users are away from keyboard and there isn't a admin who can kick or swich them to be a spectator. I want to avoid it. Additionally there are often players who affront other people and that isn't a nice behaviour.

Furthermore there are users who spam the whole time and that annoys very much. Tele and Spawncampers are also a big problem. There are always user who camps the whole time at a teleport or spawnplace (which is forbidden. I know I don't post comments in the forums but I've already said that I read all comments and I'm always up to date.

I hope my application was good enough to give me a chance. I swear, I'd be a good and a active admin. I was admin on several surf and jail servers, so I have enough experience with the admin menu.

I wish you all a nice Sunday :-P

Yours sincerely


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Yes you're right. At the last time its impossible for me to be active in IRC. School began and I'm never before 5 o' clock at home. Then I've to eat sth and make my homework.. after Homework, the day is almost ended. Bt I'll try to be more active, i promise it.

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