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Garrys mod graphics bug?

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First. This is nothing to do with Left 4 Green servers, just a bug i have these times.

Okey. This may see only little bug, but anyoyes me to hell.

Lets say i am using Laser 2 mod, i make a laser emmiter (where laser comes) and it works fine, BUT laser dissapears when i dont see emmitter, if i see emmitter i can see laser.

Same problem with Wire mods Holopraghic emmitter. If i do example, a ball with it, i only see it when i see Holographic emmitter.

And this happens with EVERY emmiter (not tested normal gmod emmitter).

Please, if you know how to fix, or is this because some patch, TELL me.

I will post pictures if needed (if this was uncreal) And i post my gmod addons list when i get to my main computer.


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That's the lua coder's fault. The reason the laser disappears is because the emitter is no longer rendered, thus the laser's draw code isn't called. We have a function to solve this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Entity.SetRenderBounds . Lasers in my Infected Wars gamemode show properly right? Even when you're not looking at the source.

It's up to the addon creator to implement it.

Ok... But i dont think Wire mod developers made this bug, because couple months ago everything worked fine (there emmitters) Including Wire mod Holographic emmitter, but now it bugs too.

I will try that link you gaved tommorow, thanks? But is there anything else i can do? Or is it this because of some Gmod update?

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Oh... I forgot to add that i didnt had this bug about 2 months ago. So i dont think problem is in mod coders. Maybe gmod patch? or some of my mods?

My addons:

Wire & adv dupe

SB3 with all addons

Stargate addon

Stargate extra

Mad Cows weapons


Gcombat 08

Billymays gun o.0


Smart constraint



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