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CS:S Shop ideas

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Basically, Ywa is currently working on a shop for the Counter-Strike: Source servers and he needs some ideas for shop items. So, post your ideas here. Currently the shop just has some player models.


  • Hats and trails won't work in CS:S (don't ask me why).
  • Put the gameserver your idea applies to in brackets before your idea. (DEATHRUN) or (SURF) or (DR+SURF)

My ideas:
  • (DR+SURF) Double RTV power
  • (DEATHRUN) A ghost mode where you can carry on playing deathrun after you die. (Yes I stole this idea from Sazzilization). Won't work
  • (DEATHRUN) Extra health.

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Deathrun -- Opting to be death

Wait, what? I didnt get this. So people should pay to be dead?

If they dont wanna play, they can join the spectators.

He means opting to be a terrorist in deathrun. In Gmod deathrun they're called deaths rather than terrorists.

Two terrorists per map is already enough. And in some maps the limit is 3 or 4 terrorists, which is too much, so I really dont support this idea.

Longer jump so that if you buy it the ct can bhop faster?

Would be too unfair.

(Surf) Reduced falldamage (25% less ?)

(Surf) Ammo regeneration

(DR+Surf) Premium sounds (like admin sounds but you can buy them for coins)

Anyway, I think that a long jump or "fast jump" (mentioned by BeatAlex) feature would get abused too much.

Reduced falldamage sounds good, dont know about ammo, in some maps it would be good, in some, not so good.

No opinion about the sounds.

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nobana you do realise that not everyone can bhop to perfection? so faster jump/longerjump when they bhop, and also people must play on the server for a long time to get the right amount of coins so in wich case its fair.

I cant bhop at all. So its not like I dont want people to be better than me at it. I just dont think its s good thing that regulars can have better settings than the new players.

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