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Want to make a map. Taking suggestions.


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I know 1 thing... Do not use the textures you used for segments, massive, maze and some other (SOME). Do not make some kind of maze, do it outside, cos many of us on the server say that zs_clav_segments is auful, so you could play 1 time on your map and you could hear many opinions about your map. (agree? :P)

ups... i repeated the same massage XD. Almoust the same :rofl:

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ive had in my head the idea to make a fallout 3 style map, but i dont have time to learn how to make maps and basic LUA, maybe you could do something like that?

My idea was in early development stage, but i was thinking of having like, Vault 101, except that players are outside the vault (it has the vault 101 door, if you can get that on gmod i dont know) until 50% infliction or so.

When it reaches 50%, a loud alarm would go off and the door would slide open like in the actual game.

and i also had the random idea to put a radio sort of thing in the vault that when pressed it would play a song from the game, like "I dont want to set the world on fire" or the song from the trailer that doesnt actually seem to be in the game (at least not mine)

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I think you should have a map where theres One prime location where the Humans have the best chance of surviving in. It would be a 'bottleneck', long corridoor that would be tricky to get past as zombies in small numbers... But to make it balanced have an alternative route that can be barricaded up but is slightly flimsy - Thus Distracting the humans from the main entrance and letting the zombies got crazy crazy on yall! :D

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If really id say its not very good idea, cos if someone die accidently, he wont be happy and the map will get a low rating.

I've made a map (zs_mrdark_bloodforest). It has a secret door, which can be locked and unlocked. The button to lock it is in the secret room, the button to unlock is hidden. (I will tell only admins and donators where is it, Mr. Slow too).

But there is a way to unlock the door

so the thing that you get on a tower or something - is a minus.

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Well, how i said it just was an advise. I'll get some idea later. Lemme just think.

Try to do...

You can make a map that will contain a river or smth... (some water) and some fog things. Make rain and the map will be good already, but you will have to build a house there. Use different textures.

Most use wood for houses. And a CSS water texture. The hauntedbyou is some kind that will have to be like yours. Make 3d lites for lamps. The map will be beautiful. I've proved it, but it takes many time for each entity.

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I just love clavian arhitecture XD ... well, i had a map that i wanted to finish, but i don't think i have it on this computer ...it was sort of clavus like maps ...very interesting !

I hope i don't offend you clavus, but i really love zs_clav_massive :D

Damn ! I dont have it on this pc ... :/ anyway ..i will make something in paint ..


The ideea : a fort in the middle of nowhere, fence surrounded , with lots of concrete walls, etc ...4 small towers and a big building in the middle ..some pillars to make it look nice. The fort is in the middle of the desert. There are sand dunes, etc. The fort has some light spots that light up the surroundings. The big building is also like a fort in a fort. There is also an underground facility, not very complex.A couple of corridors, some rooms, etc..

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something unique?

There are stepping stones equal space apart everywhere and the floor is lava, you have to jump on the stepping stones to move around the map as the floor will kill you while doing an A level physics test and if you get one question wrong they kill your mum.

: D

PS: i stole the "killing your mum if you get a question wrong" from mock the week, russell howard said it XD

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