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The problem with zs...


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Way too many medics, everyone just runs around healing themselves and nobody else. All other classes are nerfed and/or useless, leaving medic as the most powerful class.

You could fix it one of several ways:

  1. Medics are frozen while healing
  2. Medic bags do not regenerate - instead they get "ammo" from crates, just like everything else
  3. Medic bags use 2x/3x the healing power to heal the user, rather than someone else
  4. Medic bags result in a slower running speed


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More medics, more people getting healed?

No, people see (Quite rightly as well) that the medic class is basically commando without the perks and with the added bonus of being able to heal yourself at an extraordinary rate.

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slow runing speed. If your a medic helping your team in a good camping spot you don want to be punished for trying to stay alive then with a 2x drain rate as that would harm your team aswell as you

Its the medic rushers who are the ones who dont play as a team so simply nerf their runing speed when there healing themselves

or a 2x drain if your moving so they canot continously heal themselves.

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Yeah, go medic and just run around for 20 minutes with the quick cure and Adrenaline and you'll most likely win the match easily. Zombies also think zombines will stop them on maps like shithole but they could easy jump out of a window when the zombine holds a grenade in his hand ready to detonate. (As zombies can't crouch jump making it useless on open window house maps) But anyways nice to see something being done about the medics to make every class worth a try.

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I agree, make the medics less powerful or make the other classes more attractive to play.

make it so thatMedics cant heal when moving.

Give berserkers more strength again cause they are weak and only heal 4 which is impossible to lvl up since it takes forever.

Commandos need stronger weapons stats and other stuff.

Engineer needs fixing.

Support needs fixing.

Do that and I think the classes are fixed.

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I noticed a difference in commando: the chance of spawning with a rifle has doubled from 3 to 6 % and increases 6 with every lvl. But i agree that there are to many medics, to be honest you can blame the noobs, they just pick the strongest class.

Medics should be weaker I think in general. They should take more dmg since they can heal whenever they want.

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