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Mr. Green CSS servers


15 years

Country of origin:

Russia, Moscow.

Link to SteamCommunity profile *:


Link to Xfire profile **:

[i have it, but dont use it] Mr. Dark

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

For the whole time playing on Mr. Green, I made a final summary: All the servers are good. But some of them require/dont requre admins. Today I see Gmod and Tf2 full of admins and decided to play Css. When I started playing it I saw that I joined in 15:20 (GMT +3:00) and saw no admins. So I thought that as I have a very good time for staying there, I might watch for it for a bit. Once when we were playing with rui_troia, we found a cheater (His name was Henrik, now he is banned), and thought to call and admin. But no one, expect Mayco was online (Creds to Mayco for banning aim-bot'er :)).

The Css is the most common game for hackers/cheaters to join and do their "fun".

I have seen such things on this server a couple of times.

Things like campers, afkers, and some ugly people that care about themselves only also could be seen on this server.

All that happens on times when I join and see no friends or even admins to help.

There is a thing which happens way usually. Afkers which are actually stay alone after the whole team gets killed cause a big problem, when the oponent team is in jail. Thats very annoying. The only thing to get rid of that is to do rock the vote. There might be a cool map which no one wants to change, but they will have to only because of an ugly afker which ruins player's fun. But not only that gives problems to servers.

There is one thing that I would like to tell about.

There are some things that cause a very big lag to the server. Like on map surf_greatriver_v4. You can spam weapons, which in a big group can cause engine error and server crashes (That bug was discovered by me btw :P).


Thats all main things which I would like to import in my application. (Sorry for writing it in a report-ish way :V)

Main things about me:

I might be sometimes immature (only because I am happy. I really get immature these times)

I can be really angry sometimes and with that be a full asshole.

Sometimes im not in my laptop.

But normally, im an organised man (lazy sometimes ;D)

What I want to add now, will be just promises: (I cant actually promise as with 100% (no one can, actually), but ill try to)

-I promise trying to be on IRC more;

-I promise to watch for server when I will be free;

-I promise to be nice to every player and dont admin ABOOZE ;)

Thanks for reading! :yeah:

Yours faithfuly

-Mr. Darkness.

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I'll be honest, I don't see you often when I'm on surf, but that's timing or maybe I do see you but don't realise?

Anyway, you've been around for a while and although I thought you were a Gmod kinda guy, I wish you good luck!

Thats just the time :)

Also, i was playing the servers a long time ago, even before when you was chosen as admin, Alex.

I played it because I had something wrong with steam, it couldnt allow me playing any games expect CSS.

So i kept playing for 2 weeks that time.

Here i play much more already.

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your counter-strike:source playing time isnt that high :\ its only 63 hours mine is over 200.

This topic isnt about your gameplay hours, you're not the one applying. My gameplay hours in past 2 weeks are 10 hours, because of school. I just hang around in IRC when no time to play.

Darkness has been showing up in Surf server more often lately. Keep up the good work.

G luck.

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Thanks guys.

Yes, I was playing 65 hours only. But the reason why i dont play deathrun much is that i dont see players there. I mean, that usually there are only 7 players. But when I played only 10 min, it became empty. It is not so fun for others. So usually i just check the ammount of players and look how much are there. If there are 5 players in total i join to look how is it going.

But yesh, i cant stay on deathrun 24/7.

Im in css the whole day playing with Corby and with CPU.

@Dusty, youve seen me only once, because yOu joined it only and played a bit. I remember that day.

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Can you show me where it says that you have to have atleast 100hours of gameplay to be an admin? I have almost 1000hours of tf2 but that doesn't mean that I played all of them on mr green, if 50hours of the 65 are from playing on mr green it wouldn't hurt tbh.

Darkness is active on the forum and he is trying to be on IRC, even though I think a bit more would be better =P

Just my opinion because the TC decides after all.

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