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Major bugs and problems on Left4Green ZS server.

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Hi! First of all i want to say that your ZS server is really well done, but there is one major problem i've encountered today: I cannot put my custom title. When i try putting a word and pressing OK to put my title, an error appears. There you see the error: hl2gmod-20100924-142349.png

Also, since i play ( 2 weeks, or about 20-25 hours) on your server, my classes never upgraded. Please fix this, i didnt donated for nothing, i want my title ! :D

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Okay, I'll look into it. Anyway, did Garry remove the god damn IsAdmin() function clientside or what's that :| ?

No, it means you're calling IsAdmin on a entity that doesn't have that function. Like a NULL entity. This is not Garry's problem, this is your code.

ValidEntity checks should be everywhere.

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Clavus, it's not my code. I didn't even touch those parts for months! Probably "MySelf" is a NULL entity right in the middle of the game, don't you think?

-- ValidTitle can be found in shared.lua
if ValidTitle(MySelf, titlefield:GetValue()) then ....

(It's your code xD, but nothing's wrong with it...I suspect Ywa forgetting to update the servers or something like that)

EDIT: ..and the options frame is manually called.

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