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TF2 Mann-Conomy Update


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So. A long waited tf2 update comed today (or yesterday late, dunno) Pretty huge (65 new items, hats etc.) Trading system (Finaly) And item shop (Use fucking real money).

Tell Your opinion about this update

I start.

Personaly, i say this update SUCKS. First of all, i have crashed MANYY times after this update. Secondly, before hats were like milestones, that shows how good you are (or how long you played/idled) Now you just spend 20€ and BAM, you got many hats, that sucks.

Tradin system is okey for me. New items are awesome.

Your turn!

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Still waiting on how the shop will change the game's atmosphere. Likely not much, if at all. The nametags seems abusable (but ridiculously expensive at the same time). Couldn't care less how people obtained hats, buying is just as lazy as idling in my opinion.

Did buy a can of paint to try out the shop (and I'm not gonna die for spending 2.50). Now I gotta decide what to paint green. Probably the demo hat I'm going to craft soon.

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Huh. Store is pretty awesome in a way. yes i know some items are WAYY too overpriced (and most of hats) but get some boxes and buy some keys -> safe lots of money

example. i have got 5 hats, 10 duelling items, 2 paints, 8 weapons. "Only" wasted 20€. some of them i did with crafting.

Apparently there are some 'rare' weapons going around that create particle effects and stuff. Read: flamethrower with green flames etc.

I keep using my money on keys until i get one of these :D

EDIT: Found couple bugs.

1. Sometimes you can disguise when you have Eternal Price (new spy knife) equiped.

2. You can get Duel medal (similar like those bronze, silver, golden and primeval medals) when you win your first round. Normaly you get bronze (and you get bronze) but when you wear it, it shows as an Golden one.

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I do get the feeling that TF2 is hitting the boundary of being overfeatured... the duelling they added doesn't work at all in any normal match. Wonder how that ever passed playtesting.

I have played 10 duels, and only 1 failed (by bug.) Its sadly true that somebodys just kill you once (1-0) and then hides at spawn <_<. Also, you need to win 25*25 duels to get silver. :mellow:

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I wish we still had the good old TF2 where you could only get new weapons by getting achievements.

agree, I liked the old tf2 where you had the normal weapons( not new one you get with achievments)

now we have (pyro: backburner, new axe medic: blutsauger, ubersaw. ETC.) they are all new weapons and it ruined the game for me :\

that's why i won't play tf2 much.... because of all the new things in it ( hats, weapons)

but anyway... i like trading :)

nice old days, before the new weapons and hats :)

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I think the next update (if they do another) should be the last for weapons and hats, I feel people just have too much to choose from right now.

You guys might hate me for this, but say, for an x amount of kills with that weapon gives you a per/attachment (inb4codfag), but of course, with all new TF2 weapons it gives advantages with disadvanges.

-Basically 'mastery' weapons, but on Team Fortress 2 approved servers, so you can't just farm the kills on the 'orange' maps.

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Valve disapointed me this time, a shop with real money ? ( and wtf are those prices :/) so it's like in those shitty free mmorpg, you can play for free but someone who has spent money can be avantaged. To found objects and craft a set it will take days , but if you spend 20bucks ( seriously what the fuck, it's more than the price of the game) you can get it instantly.

And wtf are those new objets with things like "you cant be killed by headshot" is it a joke, tf2 is not a rpg :/. Well soon we'll get some mana bar too use spells.

But well the trading system is good, and some of the news hat are very cool.

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Half a year ago they made made a joke on the blog cuz the DLC's to MW2 cost money, and they was like " We have 120 free updates" Now they are doing the almost same thing -.-

Eeeh, no. In MW2 you can't randomly find maps. So don't compare it with MW2.

EDIT: I traded my brain slug for the Rubber Glove and the Beanie :V

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And the FAQ says they won't ever divide the community between those who bought stuff and those who didn't. Their current implementation of micro-transactions is the most community-friendly in a lot of ways. You don't have to pay. Everything can still be found ingame.

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And the FAQ says they won't ever divide the community between those who bought stuff and those who didn't. Their current implementation of micro-transactions is the most community-friendly in a lot of ways. You don't have to pay. Everything can still be found ingame.

totally agree except for the supply crate in my invetory which i cant open cuz keys dont drop

(although i heard they will be in 2 weeks)

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Basically, they just turned TF2 into a f*cking Free 2 play.

+5 in invisibility, +20hp, +20 speed...????

Soon we'll have Swords +50 damage against pyros, bow +10 when health is under 25 :rolleyes:

No seriously, Valve is disappointing me, they used to put free additionnal content to their games and put a minimum of difficulty for the players (so they have to work to get their items), and now they just offer all the items that old players worked hard to get, for 2,3,4,5...20 euros?

I'm sure the next update will not be free, it will be "45 new weapons, 1 new class, 5 maps for 20 euros, buy it now! -25% on the Uber-kikoolol hat of death if you buy before december 17!"...

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