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Do you read any bloggs? Follow someone one twitter or subscribe to anyone on youtube? :P And if you do, why? :P Do you recomand them?

I can say that read; The Word of Notch. Cus its always fun to be updated to Minecraft. It also happen a lot of stuff to him cus he try to make his own company.

And on youtube I subscribe to chuggaaconroy, he its a "Let's Play" dude, that means he do 100% walkthroughs whit commentaries :P He only play Nintendo games, and his voice is fucking addicting!

I also subscribe to Lockergnome , his vidioes is good if your bored, but he post a lot of crap! He is a techgeek and talk about new tech stuff...

MysteryGuitarMan , Super awesome edditing skills! Its a must see!

And Ray William Johnson cus im to lazy to find funny vids on youtube :P

What about you?

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I'm following the sexiest britishes ever on Twitter : Roborobb & Error 401.

Also, Clavus, Dusty, Deluvas,Ywa,Ratman,Corby...And I think that's all.

Youtube> I don't subscribe to people, people subscribe to me.(~95 subbers at the moment).

I recommend myself ( <3 ) if you like TF2 poops, Gmod Epic Show series or other gmod clips (or french stuff if you understand).

I'm facebookin' a few things as well (Muse,Valve,L4D,TF2,TV shows etc...)

And if you want to join L4G people don't forget to join the official Left4Green group as well. (Neah, ads are not allowed here, I think :V ).

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