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Pufulet's Map Scraps

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Hello, Today I would like to share my leftover maps that I never published or uploaded ( scrap maps ) Most of these are early stages of zs maps or fun maps. Some have leaks or little problems and they are all maps that I made long time ago.

I no longer have use for them so I would like everyone to feel free and do anything with them.

Abstract - zs clavus-type map

Canals - Beta of zs_hazard

Fail Titanic - A big square boat thingy that you move it on the water and add a hydraulic on it to the bottom of ocean and watch it sink. Also a minigame, you start on bottom floor and work your way out a vent to escape. Really fun with props. Might play it with Mr.Darkness some time lulz.

Field - A CSS wanna-be map but I use it for Combine vs Rebel fights. Quite fun

Frozen Tunnel - An arctic tunnel with heavy blue-ish fog.

Ice_Arena a css map I made that I used to play with bots.

Ice_Battles - An attempt to make a zombie survival counter strike mod but failed.

Swamp - A zombie survival map but I stopped working on it.

Zombie House - anyone remember crackhouse? Well this is like its brother only I gave up on it after a while.

Download link is at the bottom of pics.

Pufulet Scrap Maps.zip










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