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Can't install MTA or any other program Win7

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I just reinstalled windows 7 and formatted my HDD, so I need to reinstall MTA as well, but my damn computer won't let me :yeah: . If i click on the install.exe I get the ''Run ass'' view, I van choose between Current User or Run App. ass following user ''administrator'' which needs a password, and haven't got one.

If I click OK, this comes up: This installer requires admin Acces, try again.


Xfire is giving the same shit.

What am I doing wrong, never had this before on win7.

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What if the password is just blank? So just press enter...

Doesn't work.

@ CarPieUp.

Re-installing Miscroshit Windows worked :yeah:. I don't know what went wrong, I did exactly the same things this time. O well, this ain't the first time I come across some weird windows probs.

Thnx all, appreciate it :yeah:

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