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Another GC shop ability suggestion


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There are classes that have a lot of abilities, and some only have 1 (and they're not the best).

I suggest one more for the Sniper, the Curving Arrow ability. It's one of the basic abilities in the RMF ability pack.


Explenation: When you charge the huntsman, the shot goes straight ahead and descents a bit over long distances. With that ability, your shot still goes straight ahead, but when you keep holding one of your movement keys it will curve to the side you pressed. The longer you hold the movement key, the more the arrow will curve. There is a sort of 'time limit' on it's curve. If you press a movement key for 30 minutes, it will not curve more then if you held it for 5 seconds (the maximum curve).

The ability starts at 2:40.

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I used it on my server, the pack is not like the GC shop that Clavus designed. Before the round starts, you can choose one if the abilities in the list. But you only have that ability as an advantage. If you'd pick the faster ubercharge for medic, you would be forced to switch to medic and you would only have your Ubercharger or Kritzkrieg.

Other than that, some other abilities aren't that fun :P Most of this pack is already active in the GC shop.

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