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Killing the Tank on Expert


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You all know the problem. Your team is rocking the game on Expert, you're going well until: the Tank. One big bag of muscles ready to tear every bit of you apart. If you even manage to beat the Tank, your 'team' probably diminished to about two men.

Now why can't people survive a Tank attack? Quite simple: they don't know how to properly deal with it. Let me write out the Tank's behaviour: he runs for the person that shoots at him. That's it. He focusses on the person that's shooting at him and won't stop till he or she is dead.

How do you counter this? Quite simple: do you see the Tank coming for you? THEN STOP SHOOTING IT, even if he downed you! At that point the rest of the team must keep shooting the behemoth till he changes his focus to another person. At that point that person must stop shooting and all three others must engage the Tank with all they got.

With this tactic, it's quite possible your team can survive a Tank attack unharmed. Just make sure you lure it in a open space first and spread out so there's enough space to run away.

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It works if you have a good team. Mostly everyone justs shoots the crap out of their guns, especially when they are attacked.

It's just an automatism to shoot, so most times you'll be shooting before you're aware of it. Also, working as a team is not so easy if can't arrange naything properly. If you shoot at the tank and stop at the right moment hoping someone will take over, it usually doesn't happen and you're screwed.

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