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I've been playing it, and I like it. Some great level design (although prop placement was a bit random now and then).

You just have a minor visleaf issue in the tunnel:


Plus there is a room in the back with one entrance and a lot of props to block that entrance with, might be a bit camp-tastic.

Aside from that, fantastic map! I'll put it on the server and await a new version in the future :)

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Clavus have u been noclipping wihle exploring? Cuz right there I have occluder and maybe u have messed the triggers, it runs PERFECTLY for me. About the rooms with the props, some of them are breakable, others can be pushed away very easy. Thanks for the comments.

EDIT: I guess you are right Clavus, but thats a ZS issue. Nothing happens in single player but when I tested it in ZS server it screwed up. It seems I have to do a fix version.

EDIT: Link with fixed version: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=63426

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The working link is in my edited post above.

Mr.Darkness those are not visleaf bugs, you see in single player the map runs perfectly but when I tried it in ZS the occluder triggers (optimization) screws up. The job of the occluder is to render the things he want like props and such when you touch the trigger to avtivate and the other trigger to deactivate it he does not stop but start to render whatever he wants, thats why these props are disappearing and appearing when they want. Its just a ZS bug.

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