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Admin Application - Balmung (Vegeta7141)


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I never used to play minecraft, Just seeing it as a waste of time, Then I tried Classic, Then I got Alpha, Minecraft raising to near top of my favourites list, I started it out on one of the first MrGreen maps (The all Ice one) but left to make my own server after the world reset. I recently rejoined on te most revent map and have enjoyed building along side others.

By previously being an admin elsewhere on MrGreen and aswell as temporarily running my own server I feel I am able to resolve any squabbles of other users fairly and help them build when needs be, I also know good ways of preventing these problems and would love to help with a way to keep the server clean and fun.

I have recently been lapse in the IRC though I have spent time on the forums,and in the server.

The main reason for my application is that more mods/admins would be needed to cover the time gaps in the server, and due to the griefing a little while ago its clear that that statement isn't too farfetched.

Thanks for the reading and Consideration


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