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Successful hackintosh

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Say what you want about Mac OS X, but I like it (notice my main computer in my sig).

I've been installing Mac OS X on PCs for 4 years. I haven't done one in about 8 months. I decided to give it a go on my rather old HP DV1410US. After about 5 hours of dicking with it, I got Mac OS X 10.5.8 working perfectly on it:


Just thought that I could share this. Really nice to get something else other than Windows XP or Ubuntu on this thing.

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I tried installing Hackintosh on my laptop once, but the hardware wasn't good enough.

I did get it working in VMWare though, when the TF2 OSX update hit:

(Click for picture)

I had Snow Leopard in VMware before. But it was under Windows 7 that I already had installed via Boot Camp on my MBP :).

Games probably play like shit in your VM, especially without any QE/CI support (aka hardware accelerated video). And your Internet's slow :(.

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