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umm is this place to start whining about the proplems of old ZS?


Stalker/ethernal zombie, zombine, poison headcrap are all OP and humans get buttraped by them.

stalker is invisible,teleporting,highdamage,fast, fast hitting zombie? <-- fix

Zombine <-- too strong

poison headcrap <-- no wonder that there is so much medic runners when these guys are around. explosive radius WAY too large

thanks for reading and don't turn it down in 1 second... you guys have seen people complaining about the same proplems so why not fix them.

also. if this proplem is alredy fixed... why haven't seen it. i rarely visit the green zs cuz i just rage about the zombies being OP (those 3 up there)

oh yeah some extra riiiiight here = why put humans not being able to survive on their own? i mean if they want to barricade why make it impossible for them? why we MUST stay in 1 group to survive + you have made it impossible for that too cuz of the poison headcraps. they kill groups of human by raping with spit.

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