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~The Unofficial Multi Theft Auto Mapping Tournament~

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Theme: Desert

Prize: 10.000 GC?

Deadline: January 20?

Dear Map Makers,

Me and several other people had the idea of a Mapping Tournament. So here, let's try it out.

I was thinking of doing a round every month. In which you have 20 days to make and upload the maps, and then we will test them all in the server. Then, players are gonna vote (maybe on the forums would be best). The maker of the map that gets the most votes, earns 10.000 GC.

Every round has a certain theme you need to stick with. I chose "Desert" Theme for the first round. That means your map should be desert-themed. For example, cactuses, sandstorm, desert music, you understand. You can use any objects you want, but if the map is not desert-themed it won't count, no matter how great it is.

So. Those are my ideas. They aren't definite. So if you have a better idea say it. For example, the prize may be too high. I don't know how many people will join the tournament, if it's only a few people, then the prize should be lower maybe. But with many people and a high prize, the map makers will do everything they can to make a supergreat map.

If you have any other idea about the deadline, theme or whatever say it as well.



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How do you call random air maps? It looks pretty hard to classivy all maps. Take my pirate map for example. Would that be dark theme, or midnight theme, etc.

Anyway, I'm working on a new pirate map, so unfortunatelly, I cannot join this contest, which breaks me from the inside :N. :yeah:

And I like the idea of this, maybe I will join one once!

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@ ClavusElite:

It's nothing more than an idea, we discuss it first but of course we wouldn't start without admins approval. Because I don't know how to give Green Coins to people. So I don't know if the prize is even possible. But Green Coins was the only prize I could think of.

@ Cookie:

The theme is to make it more challenging, 'desert' was the first thing I thought of.

By the way: The tournament didn't start yet, consider this a discussion topic. Ruff asked how the maps are gonna be rated?

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Before we can really start, we need to figure out how the maps will be rated.

Rating in the server? - I don't trust the players enough to leave it all to the final map rating.

A special committee? - Well I don't mind being Judge, but who else? (That means you can't participate).

Blowjob? - BinSlayer's idea..

It would be cool if we could just play all maps in the row and ask the players in the server which one they think is best. But for that, there have to be players that understand the whole thing and actually play all the maps.

The other idea is to let the participants just vote in the topic after playing all maps (without voting themselves), but I don't know how many will join, so it will be impossible to play all maps when every participant is in the server.

Maybe admins can host a seperated private server only for the participants.

PLEASE! Someone have a better idea!!! ;-(

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I vote for the special committee but since I am taking part, I can not join you. You have to find someone who's not taking part and knows a thing or two about originality and proper assessment. The minimum of the committee should be 2. That would be enough to make a proper decision (compromise) based on different opinions.

Edit: By the way how do we submit our maps?

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