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I`m Back To See How You Folks Have Been

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Just wanted to say hello, too.

Instead of opening a whole thread about me, lets just say im working on a comeback in this forum and the servers.

Lets just say i started a big thing on YouTube...it isnt important what i'm doing there.

I left this forum without saying anything, im sorry for that.

But i'll may start to play on your servers again, soon.

We need some fresh wind!

You'll see me more often in the next weeks.

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ooh sorry hundred

Well lads some people may remember me from these names.






Damien I missed you alot! :D

Ah Hundred I remember that and yes it was nooby

Please Forgive me.

I. Ladies and Gents was one of the oldies who was with zs from the start.

I learnt all the secrets to prop killing and prop floating from all my buddies aiur,deluvas,sneed. Bean taught me the best way to kill people with props and the best tactics. Can you still prop kill?

I knew Bean,Deluvas,Sneed,Frog and aiur if i missed anyone out its been a long time.

But yes Chainsaw man i missed you as well. I`m glad that you have decided to come back as well.

I might try and find all the old zs pros and bring them back to rein terror on zs.

But anyway I have changed alot!. More mature and i have grown up I realise my past acts were very silly and stupid.

I hope to see everyone on the servers very soon.

If anyone could tell me how zs has changed ups and downs would be appreciated

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I can give you a summary :D:

Howler: isnt OP anymore, pushes props and people. Less dmg but harder to kill. Balanced class

Ethereal: Flickers (not invisible anymore), can teleport, does more dmg in the back. OP class tbh

Zombine: less hp, chance of having poison/explosive nade, still a bit OP

Posion headcrab: can shoot 2 different spits. Green(poison) and red(explosive). A bit OP

Poison zombie: zombies get healed when walking next to him, but get reduced dmg. Balanced class

Lvling is enabled again

Engineers got old cade kit( planks)

New maps like dump.

Player ranks page reset and disabled.

Commando got new perk: see zombie health

Melee dmg increased

Im glad your going to play again. :D

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Seems like I missed too much for the time while being in the camp.

I've got a lot of fun there (dancing, sports (acrobatic, athletics stuff, etc)). Also I had concerts, where I was in.

Heh... I am the symbol of 2011-th year there :D!!!

Anyway. Im back to the community. Now I have muscles on my hands (Goddamn athletics), and my ass hurs as hell (goddamn circus). But tbh it was fun xD.

As I read the whole thread, I see there are changes.

Wanted to ask about gunrun. Is it progressed? I wanted to play it a bit.

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I still play :D. Could definately need a challenge :). I dont get propkilled alot atleast not in an impossible way xD

I trained alot in propkilling and people are afraid of me, to bad props dot insta-kill anymore. Now it requires alot more skill (2 to 3 hits) :D

I hated bean because of 2 reasons:

1. He got all kills as human, when he had pulse, i still had a smg.

2. He killed me in the most impossible ways.

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