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Unban Request - Me!

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For some reason i got banned from the Minecraft Server.

Deathsongx3 was banned from the server because he's a thief. His place in Sand Central is being looted right now.

How long had he been whitelisted? If it's been a while, potentially he could be *the* thief.

Hundred2 : we just blew up his house

It was my idea :3

I've suspected several thieves, Had some stuff go missing from Turnip Town too

May I ask how did you catch him?


Can i please get an unban?

Name : Deathsongx3

Date of Ban : Today , January 07 , 2011

Reason i got Banned : ' Suspected Theif and Griefer? '

If i could kindly get an unban? :unsure:

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Clavus has enough reasons to know you are the one who stole the tracks/the logo from someone's building.

In the Minecraft thread you told us "a friend did it", but I've heard that excuse so many times I have trouble believing it.

Anyway, I'm staying out of this one, it's between you and Clavus.

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with regards to your stealing on the servers. i think that people should have more respect for other people and their property. people who don't have respect shouldn't be playing on multiplayer games online, as this is the behaviour that can destroy servers and game communities.

although you are accused of stealing, i hope you good health and hope you learn from this ordeal and learn more respect for other people.

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