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A handy guide to NOT team kill


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In Expert, your biggest enemy is not the horde. It's not the Tank or the Witch either. It's your own team. More than often you'll get incapacitated by team-mates because they thought a shotgun blast would only hit the mob around you. Here I present a few tips to avoid these kind of situations:


You're not fighting this fight alone, the rest of the team is shooting too. If you see them blasting, don't run in front of them. If you're walking in front and need to back paddle because a mob's coming at ya, don't forget your team is still behind you.


Our favourite zombie apocalypse boomstick is also your team-mate's worst nightmare. A shotgun scatters a lot and can easily down half your team if you don't watch out. Use it when you know FOR SURE your team is clear from the blast!


Probably the best tip. If you can't shoot, bring on the melee. When you need to fight a zombie mob while your team is right behind it, start bashing right mouse to force the zombies in a direction you want, to finally give them a killer shot. Also very handy to get Hunters off your team-mates without risking to shoot them in the progress.

With these tips, your team is bound to be a lot healthier by the time you encounter your next challenge!

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