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New Collision Update - Lag !


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Since the gamemode was updated with new collision settings, lag manifests itself on the server. Sometimes, as human, when you try to evade a zombie you end up stuck in a prop or a wall. (thats pathetic!) If there are lots of zombies/human players, they tend to get in each other, resulting in a spectacular "frog jump" , through wall jump and other unwanted bugs. I'm not the only one complaining, but since nobody made a topic, i started this one. Please fix this ! :/

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the old times were great, helping eachother get on hard places :)

... like climbing on top of the zs_shithole_v2 roof ! XD

And when you could get to the top of Clav_Wall! so funny watching the nice people getting trampled on with a million dudes trying to jump on there head. LoL.

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