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We had a little talk about scary games and shit @ IRC.

So, are you scared easily @ games? Or do you got balls of steel?

What games scares you the most? etc.


I'm a real pussy. Scared real easily. Brightness 100% etc.

Most scary game I played recently: Uncharted 2 (Yeti moment). After that moment I played that game with video walkthrough.

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I'm a real pussy. Scared real easily. Brightness 100% etc.

Same here.

I could never ever ever play games like FEAR at night time while being home alone. Well I couldn't probably even play it at daytime. I hate scary games. I can even get scared in games that are not horrifying at all (day turns to night, monsters appear etc.) I played Metro 2033 some while ago. There was this place where nobody actually attacked me but a mutant hopped out of a dark corner and ran away. I almost fell off my chair. And whenever I walk around in Fallout 3, I keep on pressing TAB (for the automatic enemy identifier) every second to make sure I won't have a horrifying surprise.

I'm also very paranoid. I came home from watching the movie "Shutter Island" and couldn't look any person in the eye on my way back. I felt like they were all mental and from the facility.

The scariest stuff I've played probably is The House which is a browser game. That stuff freaked me out. What could be worse than an abandoned house with creepy sounds and dead people appearing..


I mean.. if you can play this through alone at night time, then sir - balls to you!

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I played "Afraid of Monsters" (HL1 Mod) with Redgord a while ago, and it was some pretty scary shit. Because we played co-op it was pretty bugged and we never finished it. Quite a shame actually.

Also, I love the part in Metro 2033 in the "haunted" tunnels with Bourbon. Not scary, just a bit eerie. That's what I like most.

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First time I shat my pants was at L4D2. Do mind it was like the first zombie game I played. I heard the Witch cry and I was actually interested what the fuck could make a sound like that, so I walked up to her, pointed my flashlight at her and she started to growl and look at me with those red piercing eyes. and then when she humped me I fell off my chair...

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I gotta say Dead Space creeps me out . When I play that game I sometimes look to see if there is anyone behind me even tho the only thing behind me is a ficus ( aka Weeping Fig ) . I actually started shooting EVERY single corpse on the ground when I saw what the bat was doing and after the first encounter with a monster , or whatever they are , that was waiting for me on the floor and was looking very much like a rag doll . Also if I happen to pass by the same corpse twice I still shoot it . The game freaked me out pretty well .

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When i was young, i shit my pants for every unsudden move in a game, but for the last few years my nerves become steel and now I'm not freightend of any game I play :yeah:.

I watched my brother play FEAR cuz I hadn't got the nerves to play it myself lol, same for half life 1 and 2. But now I just run through it, played FEAR 2 myself, my heart rate didn't rise a single beat, just cold blooded walkthrough :gmod:

And I played HL2 EP 1 and 2 myself. (started with HL2)

A very old game ( i believe 1990) is

this :') Edited by Cookie
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