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Magicka is a top-down, third-person, multiplayer co-op (up to 4 players), indie game with some unique game mechanics. Also the NPCs talk in gibber swedish.


For a quick tour of the game, have this developer talk to you:

So basically you have 8 different types of magic, which you can build up in combinations of 5 elements. Each of these combinations can either be fired as a projectile, used on yourself, used on your surrounding area, or used on your weapon. This means there are a ton of combinations. From the very start you can summon things like giant balls of fiery death, death rays, spiky death rays, or fiery balls of spiky death. Every element also has a counter-element, which means things will go boom if the two mix. You can also combine your rays of death with your buddies to make super rays of death.

The reason this doesn't allow you to breeze through the game while raining hell on everyone is very simple: you will screw up, a lot.

A fine example is when Kikkers and I stood before the final boss. I charged a ray of death, while Kikkers quickly made a shield. Result was death ray bouncing right back in our faces, killing us before we fired even a single thing at the boss (did I mention that there is permanent friendly fire? There is).

Just read this for a nice overview of the many ways you can fuck up:


As for adventure mode: full of pop culture references that you will love. And it has a guy named Vlad - who isn't a vampire.

Steam store page is here (it's only 10 bucks, and currently the top seller on Steam):


The game is still somewhat buggy (crashes occur), but playable. The devs are throwing out patches left and right, so most issues will probably soon be resolved.

So just buy this game so we can get a band of 4 amateur wizards together and laugh our asses off.

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