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I and possibly other forum members would like to know if we could Advertise our own servers (in a sub forum yet to be made)

This because sometimes players don't get along with other players and start to fight but can't escape because there are no other server of which has players from L4G.

So, my idea is to make a sub forum in the forum Minecraft for members ( yet to be Server admins with another color scheme or "MC-Host" instead of the "Server Admin" text)

to advertise their servers on which other forum members can play on.

just thinking out loud here but, what you think about it?

i know for a fact that MrZunz is hosting a server right now and i'm about to start my own 24/7 server but if no one knows about it then we would get much players.

And players would get some sort of variety in game play with different homes and different landscapes and such.

So, what you think about it?

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