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[Holy] Admin application


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Gameserver: Garry's Mod

Steam Community Profile: http://steamcommunit.../id/TheEvilHoly

Age: 17

Country of origin: Germany

Little something about your self:

After months of waiting I thought it's time again to write an application. My real name is Lukas but I'm known as Holy here. I live in the NorthWest of Germany in a village, wich is most of the time kinda boring. I'm in my first year of college and I need to say everything is running smoothly and easy. I got to garrysmod through my older brother, as first I just played sandbox for awhile but one day he showed me that awesome server, obviously it was Mr. Green's ZS server. After a while I thought it's time to get my own steam account to play without his permission, since then I've been playing as Holy. I also started getting active on the IRC and I just love everyone there. Today a lot of people know me on the server and I'm trying to help everyone as good as I can. The only problem I got on the server at the moment is the huge amount of exploiters and people that are generally spamming voice chat.

Since I always liked to play Co-op games, I kinda sticked to Zombie Survival, I love the atmosphere there and the majority of the Players is nice and entertaining. Recently I started trying out new stuff such as 3D-modelling and lua coding and I kinda enjoy it, even though I have to admit I'm not the best at it.

Why you think you're fit to be admin:

In the long period of playing ZS I've collected lots of experince and knowledge about the game. Today I got around 2500 hours of garrysmod and ~75% of that huge amount on left4green servers. I already like helping people out of problems or answering their questions. I could handle exploiters and spammers easier, making 20 ban requests a day isn't that nice. I've been administrator of lots of forums and a few game servers already, wich should show that I know how to handle problems. I'm playing really often on the Green Servers and I'm well known by the majority of the players. I'm kinda mature and I would never start flaming or raging, I'm quite calm most of the time. I know all the active players and of course I love talking to them.

Thank you if you took your time reading through the textwalls.

See you on the servers!


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