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Missing CSS data


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Well hey Forum :/

I have some problems with GMod. The Problems started since

the new update of the ZS Mr.Green server, but i guess I am the only one with

this problem since the update. The problem is that I am missing many

models, sounds and textures of Counter Strike Source like you can see here

on my pictures :L But I do have the game and I never had problems before :S

And yes, I deleted and re-install CSS and Gmod but I am still missing models,

sounds and textures D:

If you can help me then please post your solution :D


hl2 2011-02-18 16-18-36-60.bmp

hl2 2011-02-18 16-19-00-09.bmp

hl2 2011-02-18 16-26-02-07.bmp

hl2 2011-02-18 16-31-20-08.bmp

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