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With the start of a new map it's time for a new experiment! This time around I want to focus on building: no mobs spawn, pvp is disabled. Also the !give and !giveplayer command are available for all whitelisted players! (type "!give <item ID> <amount>" in chat. Item IDs can be found here.)


Build nice stuff! Anything is allowed (but it has to be build on our server at left4green.com) From pixel art to giant Japanese style dojo's made out of sheep wool. I suggest you KEEP MAKING SCREENSHOTS OF YOUR CREATIONS throughout the contest (post them in this topic from time to time!), because I still can't guarantee griefers won't destroy things (REPORT IMMEDIATELY IF IT HAPPENS, the smaller the timeframe the better).

If you plan on building something big, be sure to reserve a large enough space. Place signs at your creations!

You can build with multiple people but you'll have to split the prize!

Multiple constructions allowed of course.

Blocks like TNT, lava and fire are blocked for griefing reasons. If you need these to complete your structure, ask an admin (me, Darkstar or Mayco) to place them for you!


5000GC for the winner, which will double to 10.000GC if the judges are reaaaaly impressed!

3000GC for second place.

1000GC for last.


Me and Mayco.


In three weeks! Contest ends at Friday 11th of March at 23:59. All submissions will be judged ingame, but POST SCREENSHOTS in this topic too!

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