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Digital Desert by Benox.exe


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Hi everybody, this is my new race map, with this map I test the possibilities of my track mania objects 1.0

Also ,for the first time I use interesting scripts like the car velocity and portals scripts.

I try to keep a good quality on my textures and objects polys, but the size need to be smaller.

I success, the map is 6.65 MB For this :

spawnpoints of the map need to be tested first of all, because there is 4 early with a portal and 3 portal need to be tested, but im sure they work.

In the rar files there is the map resource and also the objects resource, put the objects resource in the resource folder of the server , because if the objects are used again in another map , you will download it only 1 time.

Enjoy !

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:/ When u go in the portal, nothing happen or u just get stuck in the air and your car remains frozen ?

The teleports dont work. Strange, it works fine in AG, all of them dont work ? You can look in the script if you want to see the mistake. I am a very bad scripter.

The music in the video is not the same as in the map. Also the music speed change in slowmotion and thats fun.

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Cant know what do you want , I will like to talk on msn.

Also the unfreeze timer work ?

If yes theres no problem , maybe you prefere to have it clientside , because the people with hight ping will take more time in the teleport, thats the problem ?

I dont know how to make it clientside. :/

And yes mappers of mr. green can use the objects , thats will be nice, but I dont want to release it , the reason is if noobs change it and upload it after, so how to proceed to give it only in this community ?

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well clientside should look something like that:

function MARKERfu1(player)
MARKER = createMarker(xaiosdasjdas,asdahsdakjsd,asdhaskdj,arguments and all that shit bla bla)
if getLocalPlayer() == player then
pveh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(player)
setTimer(function () setElementPosition(pveh,234892374,23423423,234234) end,60,1)
addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", MARKER, MARKERfu1)

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Thanks bin.

The big problem is the time it take to make a map like this one.

Placing objects take times and some of them dont fit perfectly with the other.

Solution :

Change object scale in game ( you can, but the collision of the object still the same :/ )

Massive objects cloning ( could be the best one, normally a game editor have this, 3ds max have it also xD )

So you can make 2 objects together, after clone them and now you have 4 , clone them , now you have 8 : )

Bin , you can script a massive object cloning ? :P

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