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Another ZS map I made suddenly. Its a small base. It has 3 buildings for camp. There are buttons in one of the buildings to activate the electricity which lasts for 3 minutes and then goes off again, so if you want to fight the zombos in a lighty map you have to go back and turn on the electricity again. I have made OnTouch door and they open I also placed a small protection on them so props cannot be pushed under them to glitch the door. Have a nice game, I hope you like the map.

I have a small delay but I'm sure thats becuase of my retarded PC.

Screens in the link: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=63823

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Jezus, you're pumping these out real fast. It's almost like you have a tree that grows maps.

He's right. Your maps are high quality also plus you are releasing them like you have a "tree that grows maps".

Edit : the map reminds me (or looks like) of a stalker shadow of cernobyl multiplayer map i played long ago ...

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I playtested it with roborobb and a few others and it has a bit low fps outside. i have 30 fps with my hd3870 for me that isn't that bad, but for people with low hardware it is. inside is normal. [around 70]

the map itself is high quality and it reminded me of an area in stalker. good job ;)

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Yea the FPS goes down outside for some ppls with low hardware, like me. Thats near the zombie spawn and happens when you look straight to the center of the whole map. Its pretty hard, almost impossible to optimize opened maps like this one.

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