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CC- Kicking ass and chewing bubble Gum. We need more gum, Evidently.

Am i going to attend this event?  

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  1. 1. Well, are you?

    • Yes! I am a man, and don't back down from a fight!
    • No! I am a coward, and soil myself when in danger!

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Word from the Crack Circus,

Well well well, Looks like I'm going to be one year older on April 2nd. Just how old? Work it out, numb nuts!


CC has been, as you probably know, very quiet recently. Well me and Sneed frankly cannot be bothered with silence anymore- TO WAR!

An event will be hosted tomorrow to try and breathe some life back into the Mr.Green Payload server! Bring your gun, some witty banter and a distinct hatred for the Dutch! Ciao!


Peon x

(If you havn't joined CC, or indeed have no FUCKING clue what CC is, it's a mini spin off group of Mr.Green- come join in, it's a good laugh run by me and SneedypooSneed! You don't need to sign anything, it's free AND It's fun! seriously, invite your kids too! Find "Lazy and Sneed's Crack Circus" on steam, and sign up!)

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