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Gameserver: Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas - Race

Country of origin: Sweden

Age: 17

Xfire : zoo96

Link to SteamCommunity profile *:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012080396

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I absolutely thrive on the large-and already is in the relatively "short" time I played on the serve, made new friends that I like very much to play with! This is important for me as admin to be able to "work" and do my job on the server. I'm not shy to talk on the mic, and mickspamm has never before been involved with me.

I see myself as a responsible player / person who is not afraid to speak up if someone does something wrong, as an alternative against the rules, behave in an unpleasant way, or if someone just needs a little extra help or have any question. My language skills are also under me something to highlight. My nationality and native language is Swedish, but I have very good command of English & basic knowledge of German. As it sometimes happens that we get players on the server that is not Swedish-speaking, it's no problem for me to speak English.

Although he is admin on the server so I think that person should be able to take criticism from players and listen to what they have to say. Without the players that were not the one who is admin anything (maktartande).

My former heads of other games where I have been "admin", has been very happy with me. To sit here and write down all my knowledge is difficult, because everyone has a different interpretation, and my words are just a portion. In short, should I just be admin because I can take responsibility, I'm nice, can take a joke (within moderate limits), to improve myself every day that passes, ambitious, serious and above all mature. I am a young schoolboy from Sweden, still living at home with my parents and my sister.

My name is Måns, but I usually write my name as Mans - to make it more international.

I like working with computers and to play Steam games, mostly online games.

Besides computers, I like music, and I have started to play drums. During the winter

season I go skiing, and I love going downhill.

I think that my computer interest, plus that I like helping and supporting others, can

make me a good admin.

I hope you can accept me as admin...

Sincerely, Mans Mannerfelt

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Hahahahah again?

Btw this is amusing: He made a application on a other community and guess what? He used exactly same "information about yourself" there

And i bet you dont even have San Andreas, or Multi Theft Auto

And if you look closely the info, you will see that the biggest part of it is copied from somewhere else ;)

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2 days ago you asked on Steam when you could post your 3rd (?) admin application, and I told you it was probably best if you tried in a few months or even a year.

You played on the MTA server for maybe 4 hours at most, which is really not enough to become an admin. Your English is also clearly lacking, especially considering the fact that you used Google Translate or some other online translator to translate the "part about yourself" from Swedish to English. This is obvious because all of the sudden you use "difficult" words, the grammar isn't right and some Swedish words weren't translated because it's not in the dictionairy (e.g. "mickspamm").

I think it's best if you start actually playing on a server before you make an admin application. You also really lack English skills; It's very hard to understand you, and you don't seem to understand English very well either. So you're gonna have to work on that first.

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