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second application to role of administrator


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Country of origin:England

Link to SteamCommunity profile *:

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Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

i have previously been admin on another minecraft server which ran happily until i managed to create a java error on the entire map using cuboid commands. i was also partly responsible for blowing up a 500x5000 chunk of the map apart using TNT. (the numbers are correct) i also managed to stop a new player from griefing our information area, which i then blew up and flooded the area with lava. i believe i am an honest player and i like to help improve other people's buildings in minecraft or their gameplay in games such as Garry's Mod or TF2. i like to play jokes on people and i have a strong sense of humour. sometimes other people don't understand my jokes but oh well. i hope you elect me to be an administrator and i hope to see you all ingame soon. i also wish you a good new year and hope you are all in good health.

I play on the minecraft server daily with lots of different people. I am a friendly nice person who will always try to help out on stuff. Most of the people think so aswell. I have helped in developing Green Park Settelement, made a peacefull town called Dustridge with the help of Darkstar for founding it, but unfortunantly it got majorly griefed. I made the mighty walls around Sand Central and the roads to protect people from Exploding Penises.

I have been an admin before long time ago, so I know the responsabilities and how to use my powers correctly.

I want to help against these mysterious griefers who have been haunting me and others ever since this world started.

If I do become Admin on minecraft I will try my best to always be on the server or on steam so I can be easily contacted since alot of people have added me. If I do get contacted, I will be there in less than a minute to see whats wrong.

This is my second chance at applying to role of administrator. i hope you read what else i have written and decide to accept me so i can join the prestigious group of administrators so i can help stop thieving and griefing. i hope you successes and good wishes to your health and also to your entire families so that they may prosper and continue to grow and carry on your lives with as many chances as people can have in unfortunate situations.

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