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Soccer thread

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Hi there my dear friends from Left 4 Green! Maybe it's a nice idea to talk about soccer for a bit. What's your favourite club? Or player that you like? Did or do you still play soccer?


I used to play soccer for my local team, but they always put me in the worst team because of my small height. Our players were either fat, small, handicapped, retarded or a combination of that. 'Fat Gerard' never took a shower after a match so his smell made the trip home after losing 0-11 even worse. 'Fat Arjan' never showed up on training but they put him in the starting line-up because of his huge size. I always got into fights with teamplayer 'Linke Teun' and sometimes we got sent of both by the ref during a match because of the namecalling. At one time I got injured doing a crazy dance in the dressing room and it got infected and my toenail had to be removed. I had to recover for a few months but never made my comeback on the pitch. Sometimes I see one of the players at my hometown and they ask me when I will return to the team but I won't but maybe I should. Now that I look back on those times they seem like a lot of fun and Linke Teun went to juvenile hall anyway.

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I used to play Hockey. I have bad memories about that which are pretty good when I look back at it. I think I broke a record, because I was fluent a whole season. I had training every friday, and a match every saturday but I managed to not come a single time that whole season.

Back then, I was home alone with my Mom and we couldn't afford to pay for central heating that strong winter. In fact we didn't even have a shower for a while. I think that's why she gave me so much freedom and she didn't care that I didn't go to hockey a whole season (we didn't pay for it either).

The next season(s) I joined again and it was a bit better because my coach never let me do anything during matches. Seriously, at the beginning he just said that I had to sit on the bench and I stayed there until the match was over. I just wished that he would tell me beforehand that he wasn't gonna put me in at all so I could actually enjoy the match without having to worry that I had to go play at some point.

And I love playing soccer in Pro Evolution Soccer 5 in which I can edit the people and give them blue hair or cat-heads. That game is great. Soccer is relaxing to watch, since I usually don't really care who wins. But I also barely watch it. But playing soccer IRL sucks.

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I am a member of a soccer academy named Aris Thessaloniki F.C. I play soccer and I can say I am one of the best. I'm a right wing and sometimes an attacking middle fielder. I have speed, a deadly left foot, a great long shot and I dribble perfectly :) I currently wear number 10, I am the master of penalties and free kicks. I am left footed, but I prove to everyone that playing to the right wing as a left footed player is the best.

I'm of course a fan of Aris Thessaloniki F.C.

I also love a lot of clubs. I'm a fan of:

1. Aris Thessaloniki

2. Barcelona F.C

3. F.C Bayern Munchen

4. Lyon F.C

5. Chelsea F.C

6. Ajax F.c

And my favorite players are:

1. Arjen Robben (Bayern Munchen)

2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

3. Michel Bastos (Lyon)

4. Neri Castillo (Aris)

5. Florent Malouda (Chelsea)

6. Eriksen (Ajax)

The best for me is Arjen Robben and I play like him :)

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