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That Nostalgia...

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Hey, I was thinking about this, we have topics for best games ever, best tv shows..

But what about one for nostalgia ?

I suggest that we put here any memories of our childhood (or other moments of your life, especially if you're too old to remember your childhood :V ) for the pleasure, or because you want to do so or whatever :) It can just be the memory of the day, or the one that you have always kept in mind, or anything !

I start:

I'm currently getting a lot of anime memories in my head (especially Pokémon because I could watch almost 3 entire-old-seasons on a tv channel till yesterday, when they swapped to shitty newer ones, this made me angry ! ).Pokémon, and very old stuff I watched with my brother, years back, like Saint Seiya, GI Joe, Golden Cities,Highlander....

And this leads to the good old time I had in Morrocco, during summers, with the swimming pool, friends, some Halo games with a mate, anime watching, various games we played, some rubber weapons we used to "hunt" neighbour's cats....Wooooooooo.

And now, it became boring, my garden is too small to play outside (and I hate bugs), I'm just working and playing video games...And I watch some old animes to remember these times (and I also want to play with old consoles, muehehe).

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Nostalgia controls my life. All I'm doing the whole day is reading/watching/playing things I read/watched/played when I was very young.

Just today I've been searching the whole house and found all kind of toys I played with when I was younger. Great!

You're such a sentimental old fart.

I guess I'm too young to be nostalgic about anything.

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Top scorer of 10-11 years old kids in the Greek tournament in 2006 <3 "Golden Boot"

Top scorer of 8-9 years old kids in the Greek tournament in 2005 <3 "Golden Boot"

Except from football, I remember my self punching other kids a lot.

For games, I remember playing Worms, Deus Ex, Gladiators, Star Wars Battlfront 2, Pro evolution soccer, FIFA, Tekken 4.... *Sigh* I wish I could return in the age of 5-8

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