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The zombie apocalypse!

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Hey guys, i thought i'd start an interesting thread!

I myself am a big fan of zombie movies,zombie games and the general prospect of one day having to fight them! I'm sure many people here would agree, and share this enthousiasm!

So in this thread we discuss how to survive and the basics!.

What to do and of course what not to do!

Where would you go?

Who would you take with you?

What is your weapon of choice?

What would you use for transportation?


Fatties go first.

Avoid all contact with the dead.

Eliminate those who have been bitten immediatly.

Try to keep a low profile.

Never stay to long in one place.

BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to discuss different and challenging scenarios, are you smart enough?!

Here is the zombie survival sheet template:


It already awnsers alot of questions about what you would do and it offers us some insight in how we left4greeners would react!

Any ways i'll start! My sheet:


I'm looking forward to seeying your Sheets, and hearing about your ideas!

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