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Resident evil 5


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I cant say i ever heard about resident evil 1 - 4 until the Mr Green RRS post thingy about RE 5.

I watched the trailer of it and it seemed a bit bad to me; you've got random africans running around randomly and a small version of those big things in LOTR, but with a hoodie, and it's one of those bosses you have to defeat in a certain way - in the trailer it seemed you had to blow the crap out of it, to make it get out of breath, then punch it in the face.

Sounds a bit anime like to me, looks it too, and im not into them sort of games =]

What actually is the Resident Evil series about?

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The first 3 resident evil games [plenty of more resident evil games remakes and shits] it's about the a virus [T-virus] that have spread all over raccon city its just like the movies but then resident evil 4 came it changed story for some reason to insects or parasite in the body that makes you stronger for some reason XD but the 5:th one is based on the 4 so you can say that resident evil 4 is like a new game XD

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