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Minecraft Ban Appeal

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Clavus, I don't know how you didn't see that video. But clearly, it was not a fly-hack. I jumped down from the ladder, and that was it. But, on he must have had a lag spike that caused the game to trick his computer that I was going into the ground. I don't know if you thought it was a noclip or a fly-hack or whatever. But it really wasn't. If you would like, you could look at my computer over Team viewer and look at all of my files. And did you see the 45 second mark? Clearly, that was a x-ray mod. If you don't believe that was an x-ray mod and it was just a chunk error. Why would you believe that me falling into the ground wasn't an error? Think about it. I'm not a hacker. Every Minecraft save I have is legitimate.. I don't use any of those things. It makes the game not fun for everybody i'm playing with, and me. It makes the game way too easy.

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