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Request ban for S.S.Fantastic


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Server: Zombie Survival.

Steam Profile: S.S.Fantastic

He changed his name to Ted-x-Bear

Whenever I am support, this idiot has to harrass me and sabotage my barricading work, simply by nailing it before I get a chance to move anything.

Then he leaves.

It's clear this dick hates me, so much that he has to sabotage me all the fucking time.

I have witnesses. :)

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You can't let personal anger get in the way of your judgement. Did you try reasoning with him?

The support saboteur is his new way of pissing me off.

Maybe get some witnesses to come here and say something? They'll be under the witness protection program, of course.


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S.S. Fantastic mingebagged again.

<MrGreenZS>: Mr. Darkness: hey box

<MrGreenZS>: ([{ØblivionRØ_{Dks]}) disconnected ().

<MrGreenZS>: Mr. Darkness: some noob probably

<MrGreenZS>: littleman_mgo: ss did it

<MrGreenZS>: littleman_mgo: s.s fan nailed it

<MrGreenZS>: --(MAG)--blargonstrudel disconnected ().

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: ss enjoy a fucking ban

<MrGreenZS>: Mr. Darkness: too late DOOD

<MrGreenZS>: [TBNGC] Tiny Baby Mikko disconnected ().

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: box

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: box ?

<MrGreenZS>: jacobthejoker: THANKS TEAM FOR HELPING ME

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: fantastic go fuck yourself

<MrGreenZS>: littleman_mgo: ya

<MrGreenZS>: S.S.Fantastic: wtf?

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: you stupid Fuck

<MrGreenZS>: S.S.Fantastic: theres other couches

<MrGreenZS>: jacobthejoker: DO SOMETHING

<MrGreenZS>: S.S.Fantastic: and i didnt nail it

<MrGreenZS>: EPICFAIL(fin): incoming

<MrGreenZS>: (TEAM) The Companion Cube: medic please heal me

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: fantastic your getting a ban

<MrGreenZS>: ([{ØblivionRØ_{Dks]}) connected.

<MrGreenZS>: Kamilos connected.

<MrGreenZS>: littleman_mgo: ban him

<MrGreenZS>: jacobthejoker: BAN LETS GO

<MrGreenZS>: (TEAM) The Companion Cube: thanks

<MrGreenZS>: S.S.Fantastic disconnected ().

<Shock120>: ban who?

<MrGreenZS>: The Companion Cube: thanks

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: Oh Shit!

<MrGreenZS>: littleman_mgo: s.s fan

<Shock120>: S.S Fantastic sabotaged again?

<MrGreenZS>: Shadows: yep

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