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Long day...

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Sort of off-topic (MTA is mentioned :D), but meh.

Parents decided to drag me along to San Antonio instead of letting me stay at home over the weekend. We're basically going to look at some real estate, check out Six Flags, and some other crap.

Stupidly, I ate some cake along with some cereal for breakfast, (this was at 5AM). What stupid idea... Puked about 10 times while in the car. It was a 9 hour drive.

I'll pretty much be staying in the hotel room for the rest of tonight (Friday) and most of tomorrow (Saturday). Hotel wifi isn't too good (0.4Mbps down, 0.05Mbps up, but I'm far away from the router), but hopefully it might be okay for some MTA action (brought my lappy with me). If not, I'll just tether to my iPhone 4 (AT&T, getting 4Mbps down, 1.25Mbps up with 150~ pings).

So yeah. This weekend will suck. BUT LUCKILY, my Slingbox is on at home, so I can watch some racing (NASCAR, F1, IndyCar, WoO) whenever.

Just though that I could share that with you bitches.

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And I'm gonna spend the weekend in Cool Cool Mountain, trying everything to get the second 1UP in the slide's secret route. Until I will accept that everyone on the internet agrees that the 1UP is impossible to get.

Yeah, your weekend sounds more impressive than mine. So have fun anyway. :cat:

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