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Hello Everyone!

I would like to proudly present my next map that im working on which is a side project to zs_nowhere. This map was originally supposed to be zs_dump_v2 but I decided to go with another new design that I have not tried out yet which is going very well. I would also like to say that this is my least squarest and laggiest map so far which is a good thing. This progression is a bit late but theres still lots of work to be doing. I started working on this map just 2 days ago, which once again Im really proud of.

There are lots of areas that still need working on and that I have not shown, and I only starting detailing the bottom floor of the area as you may see. I will also be adding a fitting 3d skybox to it as the skybox was originally meant for a map based on an ocean. Please stay tuned for more updates on the map and as usuall, feel free to comment, give feedback, or suggest ideas. That specially includes you Botervloot :gmod:

Things to expect:

change to light_environment.

extra entrance to the top floor.

development in the extra unshown areas.

tweaks and changes.

Things that im aiming to work on:

3d skybox

area portals










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I know myself that the skybox isnt the best but It was the only one that suited what I was looking for. I didnt want it to look too good cause that might negatively affect the map and in the end, resulting it in looking good.

An example would be the skybox on zs_barren. I never actually liked the skybox because I thought it didnt fit the map and it just stood out too much.

But enough about the skybox.

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- Light_environment doesn't fit the lightning of the skybox;

fix this by measuring the light of the skybox (do that by selecting the color of the moon)

and adding this to the color of the light_environment.

- Though the outside looks interesting in terms of geometry, it would also be fun for the zombies to add

physics props. The zombies can throw those around. Perhaps also some cover for the zombies to hide behind.

- Some inside area's are far too open and bland; planning these areas better, by making several rooms or

separating them by making 2 buildings, instead of one big one.

- Different colors of light might make it more interesting. Beware that it doesn't become too distracting for the player.


To make certain spots more interesting, you can use several things (all examples):

- env_steam with some pipes. The steam blowing from the pipes should be minimal, and should only be made to

give it a nice touch. Other effects are also preferable. Just make sure they make sense (lasers coming from steam pipes make no sense, even in Hammer).

- Slightly destructed/destructible environment. It'll give it immersion, and a sense of decay. Note that this

shouldn't be used in say, new modern buildings.

- Select a certain style when you start map: don't try to combine modern and ancient together (unless this is part of the style).

Say, you'd choose a "Forest" style; you don't want any shiny metal and brand new pipes there. You'd want to have an almost 100% wood based map, with overgrown plants and flora everywhere.

- Look at Team Fortress 2. Using way to many signs isn't a bad thing. New players need to get around maps they don't know yet. Make sure they know where everything is, by using signs

or obvious routes (darkened areas usually mean something "off-road", lit areas mean something where they can go).


Overall, I can see you're improving and trying different things. Make sure you think before you map; draw things and ideas on a paper first.


This is a very interesting website to look for input from professional mappers. They also describe different workflows.


Free e-book workflow!


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Second pack of pics:

As you see in the first three pics I have made 3 light styles 'Underground' 'Main' 'Upper' so they dont all share the same light properties. There are more types of light types on the map with different colours. I made the light environment same colour with moon thanks to Boter. I have added the static props on the outside area as a rough idea of what It might look like.

I also have made my 3d skybox for the map. It gives the map a dead feeling complimented by the destroyed city and dried up land. I will be adding more to it. The 'window' above the 'office' building will be made appealing, as it was just a test to see that side of the 3d skybox.

I will also continue using Boter's suggestions such as a more decaying feeling and pipes and such.

Stay tuned for more and give your oppinion if you wish to.












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A small pack of pictures:

Im now adding props to some locations and at the same time working on the 'Everyone left in a hurry' feeling which is going quite well which is good. I am also gonna add a perfect fog colour for the 3d skybox using Boter's method and maybe a small fog for the map to give it a better feeling.

I have also changed the water texture and changed some lights to make sure that the player will not see the same lights everywhere like I did say in the other pack of pictures.

I will then later add more physics props, maybe cables, effects, more pipes and some with steam. I am also glad to say that I have not added a single decal yet, and I dont plan on adding too many as I dont want a negative type of too detailed areas.

Do not worry, I know how to use area portals and this map will be, like project 'nowhere' lagless which is good for my mapping rep and for the players.







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Time To Dust Off

After Gmod got fixed, I have put more work into the map including:

-Bigger 3d Skybox.

-More Buildings in 3d Skybox.

-Area portals. ( Working on Fading Out + In for them )

-Opened up a new area. ( w.i.p )

-Added a vent from the cargo floor to get to the flooded room in the new area.

-Extended the small storage room.

-Tweaked the light in the old area that is next to the new area so the contrast in light wont make the player feel a bit strange since they are both lighted differently.

-Added little easter egg in one of the carts.

-Made the window above the office building feel more real and more natural by making it much thicker.

-Made the window at the top floor bigger.

-Added a prop at the window to make it feel like that is the controller of the machine in the cargo room.

What Im planning next:

-Continue to work with the area portal properties.

-Polish in general.

-Add Sounds.

-Continue to work on the new area.

-Add Human/Zombie/Redeem spawns.

-Plan where supply crates will go.

Anything Else that I would like to say:

-A total of 95+ lights at the moment.

-One of my finest maps like nowhere that will dominate all the old maps that I have made last year.

-I have learnt to not use cubes/squares/4 sides rooms in general now.


















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