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Old ZS Maps! you remember:)

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Hi All :)

I think you still remember the old good ZS onto grounds.The fresh are not sure.

I have already made few pictures from the old grounds. Who he has been playing the long ago Mr. Green Gmod #1(IP: server,those know it.

Behold a pair picture:[imgw]http://steamcommunity.com/id/petter19870612/screenshot/560911204189650517?tab=public[/imgw]









I would like back if these old good grounds would get to that into the game, because they miss.

Is opportunity on her how shall these re-cost?

If on bad space I opened forward the new theme for that leniency I will ask...

If the grounds perhaps shall-eated, those will manage somehow pretty well all. tell and them. Who on my friend-list I will have consign on the steam they will be able to reach therefrom also.

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I can only agree that they all (from screenshots) should be added back. Especially the one with the elevator of doom and huge fan. :)

Deadly that lift was good the blood was to watch as everything is splashing:)

In your opinion does he re-be possible to put these old good grounds?

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Hopefully necro reads this and decides to add a few of them atleast. :)

I had wanted to speak with her but that not a blood-vessel had said that in June it had dared it has been sitting for an exam already now!?

*him* :gmod:

He was telling me this. Yet to answer also hardly wilful when I was writing for her <_<

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