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This will be the first map that I have ever published (If it gets onto the server), It's a medium/large sized map of some sort of facility in Siberia It consists of two main areas (One in a building the other underground)With paths linking them together (A dark tunnel, A slight snowy hill with a ladder at the end of it). There aren't many places to barricade. The background story of the place is that it got attacked by the combine using headcrab canisters and thus starting the whole zombie apocalypse. There are a few secret spots.

Screenshots are below

Screenshots of the map

The map is also still in construction so feel free to post any suggestions for it, I hope you like it. :)

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Looks very nice, but some more work on it would improve it. :)

For how long do you work in hammer already?

And also...

14:34 - Skate: Hey there, I could use some help around my map

14:34 - Skate: I'm having trouble running the .Bsp file for my map, know why?

*After a few more messeges*

14:39 - Mr. Darkness: Error: displacement found on a(n) func_detail entity - not supported (entity 283, brush 0)

14:39 - Mr. Darkness: displacement as entity

14:39 - Mr. Darkness: move it to world

14:45 - Skate: It seems to be working, thanks :)

You didnt credit me here D:

Edited by Mr. Darkness
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I wish people would start just posting the pics on the topic instead of that screenshot steam thing..

Walls seem unusually thin

I see some areas with the old casual props like the red couch, desk and shelves which may not fit with your map.

I cant actually remember what else as going back to your page takes effort :V

Other than what I can remember, the map generally needs alot more work and thinking of prop placements and lighting.

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