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The Green Island Fairies

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Reality and history are just the facts of mind,

But fairy tales and fantasy are not so hard to find...

The book of stories end as soon as you've read every bit,

But Fairy Tales of Green Island are more than just a myth...

Moonbright's Shadow

Once upon a time, far away in space,

A happy group of stars were dancing in a jolly place.

But one star was just sitting on the side on his own.

The other stars shone like the sun, but this one was alone.

The lonely star was black as the darkness out in space.

And so he was invisible and no one saw his face.

He didn't understand what to do until one bright night,

A shadow with the same colour walked over from the right.

The shadow said 'My name is Mr. Darkness, who are you?'

The star said 'I am Dark Star, and I see you are dark too!'

The shadow said 'Indeed my friend, do you know what to do?'

The star said 'I have no idea, I really have no clue...'

Suddenly they heared a noise and saw a little bird.

The bird looked very sad and he was all covered in dirt.

The bird said 'Hi I'm Dusty and I'm feeling so alone'

The star and shadow said 'You can sit with us on the stone!'

The three creatures talked together and they had much fun,

And suddenly the Star was looking brighter than the sun!

The shadow turned light too, so they could finally be seen!

And finally the bird lost all his dust and now he's clean!

And Dark Star, Mr. Darkness and Dusty got what they earned,

The love from friends is all you need, is one thing that they've learned!

The story passed for a long time and many generations,

But the only place to find these tales are in imaginations!

May all your dreams be fun and cool!

This story is brought to you by The Green Island Fairies. :mr-green:

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